Cristina & Andrew’s Hazelton Manor Wedding

There are a lot of reasons that we love what we do. While getting to eat wedding cake almost every weekend ranks high on the list, by far the greatest perk of our job is getting to meet all of the incredible couples that come through our doors. Every so often, we have the luxury of meeting a couple so awesome that they quickly become much more than clients. This was the case with Cristina and Andrew. These two are such incredible people both inside and out. Soon after meeting them, it became clear that they would become friends and part of the Hazelton family. We had such a blast with them along their wedding journey and are so happy to finally share all of the highlights!
Cristina and Andrew hosted a picture perfect wedding reception at our hall back in October. Fresh white floral arrangements provided by Leonard’s Design Systems lined tables dressed with ultra chic sequinned linens. The night ended on the sweetest note with a semi-naked cake topped with fresh flowers by Patisserie V. Marie. While there were plenty of highlights throughout the night, we’d have to say that one of the most memorable was Cristina’s speech to her new husband. On that note, we’ll leave you with some sweet words from the beautiful bride herself.
“I can not promise you that things are always going to be easy; but what I can promise you, is that I will love you and never stop, and stay young at heart. I will never let a day go by without telling you how much I love you.” – Cristina
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